Adam was born and raised in Big Rapids, Michigan. He earned his BFA in painting from Grand Valley State University. Upon graduation he spent many years living and painting in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.

In 2011 he and his wife packed their belongings and relocated to Sarasota, Florida.

Although still creatively nourished by nature, he paints palm trees instead of maple trees.

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Inherit, acrylic on canvas, 21" x 52 1/2", 2016

Diffuse, acrylic on canvas, 7 1/2" x 12", 2016

Paintings and Drawings

Latest news:

Adam is back in the studio tackling his latest painting. If all goes well expect a new painting next Autumn.


"The greatest blessing procured through painting is finding that which is constant amidst a whirlwind of change."

About the painter.

Not to be confused with any other Adam Tetzlaff who may be involved in visual communication. This page refers solely to the creator of fine art acrylic paintings and ink drawings consisting of figures and landscapes.

"Diffuse" (the above painting) is Adam's latest work completed in the Autumn of 2016. The image is of Fort Myers Beach (Florida) on a summer afternoon just before a torrential downpour.